DUBAI DRAGONS - Champions of UAE BAA League (2024)
Basketball Club for Beginners (START), Intermediate (PRO-2) and Professional Players (PRO-1)
Dubai Dragons Basketball School
educates winners both in sports and in life
The teaching staff of Dubai Dragons is made up of professional Russian-speaking coaches with experience in coaching in the NBA and playing in big sports. We bring up in children the desire to win, willpower, discipline, endurance, perseverance, creativity, sports spirit, teamwork and mutual assistance.
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🔵We are pleased to announce the launch of our unique FBA-Association NFT project! To the three-point shot contest. An exclusive NFT collection was released on June 15, 2024.
🔵For each participant, 80 NFTs are allocated (4 categories of 20 NFTs each), which will give you the opportunity not only to become the owner of a collectible NFT, but also to support your favorites based on various game indicators🙌, and there is also a chance to double your capital💰!
🔵The cost of 1 NFT is 10 dirhams, the purchase limit is no more than 5 NFTs from one player in one category of indicators. The winning amount is 🔤2️⃣ for an NFT that works in the competition.
🔵Using these NFTs, you will be able to vote for various events within the competition, making it even more exciting and interactive. Don't miss the opportunity to become part of a unique project and support your favorite players and team. This is our first such project, we will be very grateful for your support!

Among all NFT owners, 3 prizes (Random Numbers) will be drawn through a lottery:
🥇Grand prize - 15% of the collected NFT fund + EEBO, Dubai Dragons merchandise + 1 month membership  for basketball practice sessions
🥈Second prize - 10% + EEBO, Dubai Dragons merchandise
🥉Third prize - 5% + Dubai Dragons merchandise

🔗NFT Link on Opensea:

Phone/WhatsApp: +971 54 217 0897 Adam Telegram: - @amin_de_rama

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      High result from our player.

      our player,artur ovanesov won the 3 point contest in the dubai and received 3000 aed and also cup.He shoot 17 times within 2 minute and made a record result.

      We are the Champions of the UAE SBAA League in the 2023 season!

      DXB DRAGONS Exclusive Polo Collection of Champions
      For everyday use - buy now the branded polo from a limited edition collection with Dubai Dragons brand and be part of our Championship story!
      DXB DRAGONS 2024 Season New Collection Form
      New products
      Group Lessons
      Weekly group lessons with coaches
      Comfortable location
      Several branches in and around Dubai
      Tournaments and competitions
      Participation in competitions and friendly matches
      Welcome to DUBAI DRAGONS Basketball Club!
      First baketball training session is free!
      Coaching staff
      The coaching staff includes masters of sports and qualified coaches, former professional players
      • Adam Zentsov
        Certified specialist in the field of physical culture and sports. Master of Sports in Athletics. Teaching experience 6 years.
      • Borisevich Vladislav
        Head Coach
        Certified specialist in the field of physical culture and sports.
        Coach with professional game experience.
        Conducts training for children from 6 to 16 years.
        Experience 5 years.
      Rising Stars ⭐️ of our Basketball Academy
      • Kurdjiev Gabriel
      • Zhuravskiy Iliya
      • Barkalov Danil
      • Samina Muminova
      • Abdulfaiz Muminov
      • Stepan
      • Andrey
      • Karim
      Tournament Games with other Teams
      Refer a friend package
      and get:
      10% discount or 10% cashback
      Package "Friends"
      25% discount
      Bring 5 people and everyone will get 25% for a subscription
      Lessons Schedule
      Season April 2024 – May 2024
      Membership Packages
      Choose your package or sign up for the first free training
      One Lesson
      Single workout for one session
      120 AED
      • Trial workout for free
      • group training
      • Getting to know the trainer
      • Consultation
      2 times per week
      8 group lessons per month
      850 AED
      • Trial workout for free
      • Two lessons per week
      • Group training
      • Consultation
      4 group lessons
      450 AED
      Trial workout for free
      Group training
      Franchise Packages of DUBAI DRAGONS
      Franchise opportunities for opening DUBAI DRAGONS in your city! Launch the Basketball Club and start receiving income with us.

      Initial Investment Amount: from $25,000
      Return on Investments: 26%-28% (annually)

      Download the full Franchise Presentation
      Apply now to get a Customised Quotation for the DD-Franchise Package
      DD-Franchise is a basketball franchise opportunity that provides you with the tools and resources needed to become a successful business owner.
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      +971 (54) 217 08 97